New York | Berlin
  • Audit, review and compilation of financial statements established in accordance with German GAAP ("HGB"), US GAAP or IFRS
  • Preparing and/or auditing financial statements of US subsidiaries of German, Swiss or Austrian parent companies for consolidation purposes
  • Converting financial statements of German, Swiss and Austrian subsidiaries of US parents from local GAAP to US GAAP
  • Special Purpose Financial Statements
  • Cooperating with German/Swiss/Austrian audit and tax professionals in mutual client matters assuring confidentiality and non-compete arrangements
Business Consulting
  • Advising new businesses coming to the US market on company formation and business structures
  • Financial due diligence on business acquisitions
  • For start-up businesses we offer a variety of start-up services in accounting, record keeping and compliance with legal and tax requirements
Tax Advising
  • Tax structuring and tax planning
  • US tax returns (Federal and all 50 States)
  • Presenting clients in tax audits
  • Sales tax services for all States
  • US Estate and Gift taxes for dual German/US Citizens or permanent residents
  • Assisting US legal and accounting professionals in any German tax or accounting issues affecting their clients
  • Written advice in either English or German language